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The Internet and social media provide businesses with unparalleled opportunities to promote their products and services. Our attorneys advise clients regarding legal, regulatory and policy issues presented by social media, including managing the risks that may arise from use of social media platforms, complying with applicable laws and regulations, and policing IP rights on social media
Our specialized attorneys review online advertising campaigns and routinely advise clients on their use of the social media influencers that have become ubiquitous in modern advertising.
ZOHDY LAW FIRM long-term strategic focus has been on industries that are being disrupted by technology and nowhere is this truer than in media, entertainment and sport. Part of a global firm, and surrounded by first class practices in intellectual property, data protection, technology, dispute resolution, corporate and other disciplines key to our clients, our media, and entertainment lawyers are genuinely proud of the expert knowledge, deep sector insight and outstanding service we provide.

In media, we’re responding to the paradigm shift being experienced first-hand by our clients with innovation and change of our own. Drawing on the firm’s long heritage in working around the world with technology-oriented businesses, we’re now focusing like never before on making sure we are best-placed to support businesses across the media sector, throughout the content creation and distribution chain, and around the world. Whether you’re in TV, film, social media, digital commerce, news, sports, data, entertainment, media technology, a rights holder, an agency, talent, a financier, a brand owner, and whether you’ve just had a great idea or are running a global business, we think you’d find our media specialists unusually insightful and refreshingly dynamic.
One of the main industries our firm focuses on. This strong sector focus means that our lawyers maintain a close knowledge of the current issues and developments in the media world. This level of focus and understanding is a clear benefit to our clients, enabling us to provide them with real added value when advising on any media or broadcasting related issues. 

The group is made up of specialized lawyers who advise on a wide range of corporate, contentious and non-contentious, commercial, and regulatory issues. Proven experts in the sector, our clients include some of the industry-leading media and broadcasting companies; ranging from newspaper and publishing houses to TV and radio broadcasters, international and domestic media enterprises to film and TV production companies.

Technology has revolutionized the way the modern world communicates. The legal and commercial implications are complex and rapidly-evolving – and impact upon every organization.
Technology excites us – and if you’re taking your business to the next level through tech transactions, you need our knowledge of the technology itself as well as corporate expertise. Your company will be more successful when it maximizes the value of technology and IP – a cornerstone of our practice.
To succeed in today’s fast-paced business environment you need advisers that bring a commercial outlook and market perspective from the get-go. Our focus on pre and post-transaction aspects such as planning and post-merger integration leave no stone unturned.
ZOHDY LAW FIRM has built a stellar, global reputation for providing sophisticated, pragmatic advice to companies which are carving the world’s digital future. Working with market-leading companies, producing some of the most cutting-edge technology in the world, our client base ranges from blue chip tech multinationals, rapidly expanding international companies, start-ups/SMES through to users of tech services in both the private and public sectors.
These industries are changing; the transformation is fast, bold and irreversible. Modern consumer and business life depends on telecoms networks and digital infrastructure, and the revolution offers your business an opportunity to rebuild your position, adjust your approach and innovate. 
In the global digital economy, where your business’s legal needs are international by default, we can offer you unsurpassed experience of advising on complex international projects. Our coordinated teams of lawyers can work closely with you to deliver seamless cross-jurisdictional advice. As your issues often cut across multiple areas of law, we involve experts from all relevant practice groups.  The connector between them is our focus on industries that are changing or being changed by technology and the digital world.
Over the years, our brand has become synonymous with the world of IT and data, with a range of services designed to keep pace with an industry almost entirely defined by innovation and change. Our deep sector knowledge comes from acting for an impressive client base comprising the great and the good in global technology, which exposes us to fresh ideas and new operating models ahead of the competition.
Our experience in this field includes policing clients’ properties worldwide to protect their works against infringement on the Internet and other unauthorized use. We also represent clients in litigation involving infringing websites and fraudulent use of trademarks, trade names and other protected intellectual property in deceptive online practices.
We also draft and review for our clients a full range of Internet-related contracts, including website development, Internet advertising, co-branding and banner ad, co-sponsorship, and hyperlinking agreements, as well as all types of agreements relating to e-commerce.
Egypt become one of the leading exporting MENA country in the Textiles industry, focusing on high and medium value added products catering to the world’s largest retailers and manufacturers with reliable and agile delivery
The food and beverage sector is fast moving, fiercely competitive and highly regulated. We are the legal representatives for many leading companies. We have an extensive experience in this kind of business.
The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is one of Zohdy Law firm’s key engagements. We provide legal support to our clients operating in industries including pharmaceuticals, medical services, medical products and equipment, cosmetics, and specialty food products.
Members of our Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Practice Group proactively provide tailored, comprehensive and practical advice to our clients based on their extensive experience, knowledge and fundamental understanding of the relevant industries. Our clients regularly engage us to provide them with expert advice during all operational stages, but we particularly focus on regulatory issues, sales, competition and intellectual property law matters, such as licensing, approvals and permits, trade regulations, price setting, advertising, labeling, trademarks and patents.
Our professionals also assist clients in conducting due diligence and internal investigations into their compliance with the company’s internal policies.
Continued economic growth and a growing need for energy contributes to the increasing demand for natural resources in Egypt. The Egyptian government is implementing a number of programs aimed at increasing the production capacity of its energy and natural resource sectors by modernizing and expanding existing infrastructure and mining sites as well as by developing further capacity for the production of renewable energy. At ZOHDY LAW FIRM we are proud to participate in this process by contributing our services and expertise.

The ZOHDY LAW FIRM Energy and Natural Resources Group is a team of dedicated professionals that combine their skills, in-depth knowledge and experience to provide comprehensive counseling and strategic regulatory advice to public agencies, mining and energy generation and distribution companies, financial institutions and international agencies.
We have a profound understanding of the business needs of parties involved in the oil and gas, power generation, renewable and alternative energy, coal and iron ore mining and infrastructure sectors. Our oil and gas lawyers leverage their local expertise and international relationships to help clients accomplish their goals in an ever-changing economic and regulatory climate. Highly experienced in a broad array of oil and gas transactions and disputes, we provide practical, strategic and tactical advice.
We are familiar with the business realities that affect their clients. They are experienced with the operational details and points of negotiation in the contracts and physical operations that are common and also unique to oil and gas. They must alert clients to potential traps for the unwary in the law of their jurisdiction, navigate government regulations to accomplish their clients’ goals, and assemble transactions from the myriad property and operational issues that exist for each particular oil and gas prospect or producing property. For example, the mechanics and economics of the development of oil and gas versus hard minerals such as coal has led to dramatically different business structures and contracts to develop these fossil fuel resources.
Our lawyers provide bespoke legal services ranging from general consultation on regulatory requirements to advising on project development, from the structuring of project financing to the drafting and negotiation of contractor agreements for power generation and transportation facilities, to providing assistance in obtaining extraction licenses and concession rights, the drafting and negotiation of production sharing agreements, and making investment agreements with the state. This body of practice draws heavily from contract, property, and corporate law, but also has substantial overlap with environmental, tax, employment, administrative, and even tort law. The set of legal issues that confront, for example, a client wishing to organize a company to acquire and develop particular offshore or onshore oil and gas prospect, is unique. Therefore, the diversity and specificity of these issues led to the emergence of specialized oil and gas lawyers.

Our Services:
• Advising on legal matters related to the exploration, production, distribution and transportation of oil, gas and other natural resources.
• Drafting and negotiating contracts for acquisitions and divestitures of oil and gas properties and facilities.
• Drafting and negotiating joint operating agreements, concession agreements and production sharing agreements.
• Drafting and negotiating contractor and technical support agreements, outsourcing and service agreements.
• Advising on general regulatory and compliance matters.
• Advising on, and assisting with, licensing regimes, permits and approvals.
• Legal due diligence.
• Structuring of transactions and financing.
• Operation and management of power generation facilities.
• Environmental matters.
• Dispute resolution.

You can expect our multi-disciplinary real estate team to provide you with the highest level of client care and local expertise, at all times.
Our team has extensive expertise in construction, outsourcing, Private Finance Initiatives and Public Private Partnerships (PFI/PPP), dispute resolution and other legal disciplines.
Although clients rely on our technical expertise, we never forget that legal skills are just a means to an end. Our focus is always on getting the deal done for a range of major domestic and international organizations, protecting our clients’ interests and bringing clear perspective to every situation.
Our International Real Estate Group provides specialist advice and support across a wide range of real estate transactions. We regularly assist you with complex structures such as
– Real Estate Investment  – Real Estate registration  – Real Estate Funds 
-Real Estate Tax  – Real Estate Dispute Resolution  -Construction 
– Real Estate Insolvency  – Environment and Planning
The global real estate market is dynamic and complex. To navigate this challenging and fast-moving industry, you require responsive legal advisers with an in-depth knowledge of international and local markets: responsive, accessible and able to execute your transactions seamlessly.
Our lawyers have an in-depth knowledge of the federal and local laws, regulations and practices relating to real estate and construction matters in the Egypt. With years of experience in real estate and property litigation, our team has advised contractors, investors, developers, owners, buyers/sellers, real estate and construction companies on disputes ranging from sale and acquisition to joint venture disputes.
Our expertise includes:
– Landlord and tenant disputes – Lease renewals –terminations
– Tenancy disputes -Contract disputes
– Rent reviews for commercial, retail and residential property

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